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Connie Holds Local Events in the Fayette County, GA area.

Register for EVENTS HERE https://conniedurham.eventbrite.com/

Communicate with Confidence Learn to Resolve Conflict – Understand others different than you
– Tap into your Strengths – Build a Strong Work TEAM –
Find your TOP Emotion – LIGHT Bulb Moment

As you read through Leader SHIFT, Collaborate once a week with this small group Online by computer or smart phone. You will need the book…….Weekly guide provided by email.

CHURCH DATE NIGHT Events Encourage Love & Respect plus build the relationships of couples in your church. Grow your Communication Skills. Create Outreach by inviting couples in your neighborhood to this event. Happy Couples = Happy blessed children

Need to find what makes your business different? I Love this!

If you have a New Business, you need to find your Focus, your Story, your Niche. How can you share the BENEFIT of your business in your 30 second elevator pitch? I found a SUPER Online workshop for about $40. I just had to recommend it. I Invested 4 – 6 Hours uninterrupted, Found a Quiet Place, did the videos & notebook work. Referring back to it is Helpful. Check it Out! www.BusinessOFStory.com #Businessofstory

The I Personality Style *DISC

It’s week 2 of the DISC personality Styles. See the traits & the places to grow as an I personality style. The I style is a People person, Creative & Fast Paced.

DISC Recognize all four Personality Styles

WOW!  Have you noticed that we all deal with Life differently?  We certainly expect others to feel the same way about Life’s  issues as we do……..but they don’t!  First of all, how we were raised, and what value system was ingrained in us makes all the difference and then, our God Given Personalities decides the rest.

Learn all Four Styles….D…..I…..S…..C and learn to understand yourself better and then the people around you.  NO Person is exactly the same as another.  It’s kind of like Genetics.  There are limitless combinations.  BUT, you can learn to Spot a persons Top Style and that may help you to relate to them better.

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