Assessments & Online Training

DISC Assessments & Online Training

Relationships DISC $36

Great for Families, Parents, Teens, Couples, TEAMS
Shows your strengths……how to communicate with you…..Barriers in communication


Communicate with STYLE DISC $42 

Great for Teachers, Youth workers, Sales, Work, etc.
Do’s & don’ts in communicating with YOU + How YOU can communicate with other People better. 


Leadership/ Management/Staff DISC $56

Great for the Office, the Boss, Person in Sales, Advance assessment for leaders who want the most information
Your DISC styles with strengths, challenges & pointers in understanding others.


***When you purchase the DISC Assessment, You will get an EMAIL from Me with a DISC Info Sheet to enjoy while waiting for your DISC email to come.  Your LINK will arrive within 24 hours……or email me

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Purchase your DISC

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