People Pleasing to People Challenging! LeaderSHIFT

STOP and think of all the times your decisions are based on pleasing others. Who is at the top of your List? Do you find these people support you….give you energy? This is the 1st part of chapter 5….. Maxwell’s LeaderSHIFT book.

5 Beginner Video TIPS

What ever your business is……if you use Facebook Live or create video’s for your business, you want to look professional! Right? You can even change the LOOK of your video on your phone once it’s complete. (Like I did here) Here are 5 simple tips you can do today to make your video’s great!! Happy Recording!

Need to find what makes your business different? I Love this!

If you have a New Business, you need to find your Focus, your Story, your Niche. How can you share the BENEFIT of your business in your 30 second elevator pitch? I found a SUPER Online workshop for about $40. I just had to recommend it. I Invested 4 – 6 Hours uninterrupted, Found a Quiet Place, did the videos & notebook work. Referring back to it is Helpful. Check it Out! #Businessofstory

5 Concepts that lead to Happiness!

Sometimes through life we get so busy that  we loose sight of what is most important to us.  Yes our families are surely Top Priority but it goes a little deeper than that.  Have you ever thought about whats fuels your life and keeps you Happy?  Listen carefully and chose your top area.  You may have 2, close to the top.  Then think upon those and where those stand in your life.  We must fill our own cup, so that we can fill the cup of others.