Hey there!!

I have over 20 years of Leadership Training with Mary Kay Cosmetics.
I’ve won 6 Diamond Rings, 2 cars, 96 quarterly prizes & Many Company
Parties like Universal Studios California in 2017 and the Atlanta Aquarium & Coca Cola
Party in January 2018.

During this time I became fascinated with DISC Personality Styles
& my desire to share it with others has continued to grow! I have
So many Business & Life skills that I can’t wait to share with YOU!
So January 2018 Begins: “Connie’s Clever Concepts” Video Blog.

I believe DISC is a True People Equation,
And by Understanding these simple concepts,
Families will be strengthened, the work Place will be
More productive & people will learn to appreciate one
Another for their differences, while growing and using
Their own strengths.

I look forward to sharing Life’s Concepts, Business Skills,
And DISC Concepts with You through my Video Blog.
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Peace, Love, Joy! Connie

A Strong Positive Mental attitude will
Create More Miracles
than any wonder drug.
“Patricia Neal”