What develops a persons Attitude??


Have you ever wondered how attitudes are developed?  Well it starts when you are first born.

We’re each born with a certain set of traits and after that it’s our environment that makes a difference.  As you can imagine, children mimic the people they are around most.  They begin to speak to you and others like they hear you speak to them and others.  Happy, Encouraging people have a great chance at developing Happy, Encouraging children.  I will leave the opposite to your imagination!

Each age brings more influences.  God created us with the need for Love and acceptance so family & how people treat each other within the family is very important.  New experiences develop how we perceive the world around us.  Each opportunity molds us and grows us .  It is said you become like the 5 people you are around the most so that means pick your friends wisely.

5 Concepts that lead to Happiness!

Sometimes through life we get so busy that  we loose sight of what is most important to us.  Yes our families are surely Top Priority but it goes a little deeper than that.  Have you ever thought about whats fuels your life and keeps you Happy?  Listen carefully and chose your top area.  You may have 2, close to the top.  Then think upon those and where those stand in your life.  We must fill our own cup, so that we can fill the cup of others.